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  • FMS 1300mm Extra300 PNP



    FMS has captured the essence of the Extra E300's incredible performance. This model flies extreme aerobatics with the same sense of power and precision you would expect of the real E300. The specifically designed airworthiness, along with a symmetrical airfoil, mounted with a zero angle of incidence, provides equal performance in both upright and inverted flight. From the novice to the expert 3D’er will enjoy flying the FMS E300.

    € 242,00


    The RocHobby Waco really does fly like a dream. While there is plenty of power for loops, rolls, and inverted flight, the RocHobby Waco is very gentle at half throttle. We had no issues using short grass or pavement as our runway. Not only does the RocHobby Waco fly well but it is absolutely amazing to look at. This is one of the best looking planes we have seen in a long time. The classic red and white coloring looks great in the sky and on the ground. FMS did a fantastic job with this RC airplane. Some of the most impressive details are the LED navigation lights, the detailed cowl, and the rigging. We think this plane should have a place in any hanger. See the video below for a demonstration.

    Key Features

    Scale details including two hand painted pilots, radial engine and one piece propeller
    Visually appealing paint scheme gives the Waco a sporty look and makes the plane easy to see in the sky
    Made of durable EPO foam
    LED Navigation lights
    Steerable tail gear for easy taxi, take offs, and landings
    Four ailerons for extreme maneuverability
    Powerful brushless motor, ESC, and servos are all pre-installed

    Product Specifications
    Product Name 1100mm Waco-Yellow
    Product ID ROC011
    Wingspan 1030mm / 40.6in
    Overall Length 810mm / 31.9in
    Flying Weigh 1000g
    Motor Size Brushless 3536-850Kv
    CG (center of gravity) 85mm
    Prop Size 2 blade
    Recommended Battery 11.1V 1800mAh 25C 3 cell LiPo
    Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
    Experience Level Beginner
    Recommended Environment Outdoor

    € 195,00
  • FMS 1450MM P-51D V8

    FMS 1450MM P-51D V8 is here!

    FMS is and will always be committed to developing the best foam aircraft worldwide.The latest version (V8) makes the historical P-51D even more attractive. Though the changes are not that significant, it shows our serious attitude to our products, and our continuing pursuit towards perfection

    Many consider the P51 as one of the most amazing warbird's and would like to have one in their collection. If you are one of the many, then the FMS 1400mm P-51D V8 is the right one for you. We believe that the current 1400mm P-51D V8 is one of the finest RC foam airplanes the world over.

    Version 8 upgrades to P-51D

    • Upgraded landing gear featuring slower scale like action.
    • Shock absorbing struts with 4mm diameter lower section
    • New FMS sequencer which closes the gear doors after gear is down
    • New Removable sliding battery tray
    • Upgraded Horizontal and Vertical stabs with hard points for glue less assembly**
    • New 17g metal gear servos
    • New 9g Digital Metal gear servos
    • New sliding canopy
    • New open air intake
    • New 70A ESC with 5a SBEC
    • New FMS gold PAEP motor

    € 363,00
  • FMS 1400mm F4U Corsair Blue PNP V3


    The FMS F4U-4 Corsair is a remarkably scale tribute to this warbird icon that's a blast to fly. Sporting a pair of 90 degree rotating retractable landing gear, fully functional split flaps, and it 's powerful motor turning a scale like 4 bladed 14X8 prop, gives you all you need for slow gentle landings to high-speed strafing runs and spirited sport aerobatics

    New Feature:

    1. Easy to assemble and almost no glue required

    2. Excellent scale and super detailed pilot figure

    3. Full function scale flaps

    4. Working sequential retract doors

    5. Working Led navigation and landing lights

    6. Excellent Performance and Stability!



    € 355,00
  • ALLEGRO 1150mm Kit

    ALLEGRO 1150mm Kit

    Nog benodigd voor dit goed vliegende vliegtuig.

    Motor + ESC



    Zender en Ontvanger

    € 25,00 € 50,00
  • ALLEGRO 1500mm Kit

    Nog benodigd voor dit goed vliegende vliegtuig.




    Zender en Ontvanger

    € 35,95 € 54,95
  • Avanti S 80mm Sport Jet PNP

    Freewing 80mm 12-Blade Metal EDF Avanti S Ultimate Sport Jet - (Plug-N-Play) - PNP - FJ21211P

    Looking for the ultimate sport jet precision performance in a sleek and affordable package? The Freewing Avanti S is perfect for you! The world’s first officially licensed foam electric Avanti, courtesy of SebArt and its titular designer, Sebastian Silvestri, the Freewing 80mm Avanti S is poised to thrill EDF pilots the world over with its sport jet styling and powerhouse performance.

    Sebart’s popular Avanti S design has distinguished itself for years in the turbine jet market. The Avanti S in a variety of sizes and powerplants has won awards in freestyle, acrobatic, sport, and other classes in competitions worldwide. Its remarkable performance and crisp handling at all speeds sets it apart as one of the most sought after sport jets in the hobby. We’re excited to bring this elite pedigree of design and performance to the foam electric class with the Freewing 80mm Avanti S.

    The Freewing 80mm Avanti S recently won first place for "Best Flight" at AEF 2017, so bring an award winner into your hangar today!

    Note: The canopy in some of the photos was painted blue. The actual plastic canopy is lightly tinted smoke as you can see in the other photos, with a traditional two seat foam cockpit area. Pilots can tint or paint the canopy to any shade they prefer, and detail the cockpit to the extent they prefer, before gluing the canopy on.

    € 359,00
  • FMS BAE Hawk Jet EDF 80 PNP - 104 cm

    FMS BAE Hawk Jet EDF 80 PNP - 104 cm The BAE Hawk from FMS with a span of 104 cm is a very detailed model from EPO foam. The model distinguishes itself by many new construction and Assembly features, such as a one-piece wing, screw-based installation - it will only 6 screws for all Assembly and disassembly work needed - a detailed cockpit with pilot, landing flaps, LED -. Lighting, suspended and CNC machined retractable landing gear, removable tank and many other features.
    With the new, powerful brushless EDF drive with a 12 blade impeller model gained a very high airspeed and an excellent performance. Safe and strong power of the servos and the undercarriage used an external BEC with 8A power. Take-offs and landings on grass slopes are possible thanks to the cushioned retract system with large wheels. The already installed servos do their work quickly and reliably. Access to the drive battery is through the removable canopy. An absolute MUST HAVE for lovers of scale.

    € 469,00
  • FMS Super Scorpion Jet EDF 90 PNP - 114 cm Orange

    FMS Super Scorpion Jet EDF 90 PNP - 114 cm - orange The Super Scorpion EDF90 Jet with 114 cm wingspan of FMS is the consistent further development of the smaller Super Scorpion EDF70, with many new design features and flaps. With the new, powerful brushless, drive the model obtained a very high airspeed and an excellent performance. Safe and strong power of the servos and the undercarriage used an external BEC with 10A power. Take-offs and landings on grass slopes are possible thanks to the cushioned retract system with large wheels. The already built-in servo with metal gears do their work quickly and reliably. Access to the drive battery is through the removable canopy. With the eye-catching design, the model even at high speeds is very clearly visible. Whether you already had the jets in this class or not, the Super is Scorpion EDF90 from FMS full of surprises!

    90 mm 12 sheets of EDF, 3546-KV1900 brushless motor system High-quality predator 130A ESC with external 10A UBEC suspended metal chassis, CNC milled featured landing flaps Servo with metal gears Leggings for simple Assembly and disassembly Environmentally friendly, water-based paint for better detection

    € 529,00
  • Multiplex Funcub XL

    Die FunCub XL von MULTIPLEX wurde als großer Multifunktionshochdeckerkunstflugschleppspaßflieger entwickelt. Die XL besitzt unglaubliche Kurzstart- und Landeeigenschaften und ist mit ihren großen, soften Tundra-Reifen auf fast jedem Terrain zu Hause und überall einsetzbar. Der Bausatz wird Sie mit seinem hohen Vorfertigungsgrad begeistern. Zum Betrieb benötigen Sie eine Fernsteuerung ab 7 Kanälen, einen passenden Empfänger, sechs Servos HiTEC HS-225 BB, den MULTIPLEX Antriebssatz „FunCub XL“ und zwei 3S-LiPos mit 3200 mAh. Das ELAPOR®-Modell besitzt viele schöne Details, wie die sehr eleganten LED-Abdeckungen, für die optionale Beleuchtung mit dem POWER-MULTIlight (# 7 3030) - ein echter Hingucker, eine serienmäßig enthaltene Schleppkupplung, den großen Abwurfschacht für den auch ein passender Fallschirmspringer (# 852004) erhältlich ist. Wenn Sie alle Zusatzfunktionen verwenden möchten, sollten Sie über eine Fernsteuerung mit mindesten 10 Kanälen verfügen. Natürlich ist auch ein ordentliches Schwimmer-Set (# 733098) in FunCub XL-Format erhältlich.
    Die FunCub XL fliegt äußerst präzise und erwachsen! Wir haben ihr große Ruderklappen, ordentlich Power und sehr ausgewogene Flugeigenschaften verpasst, so dass auch senkrechte Steigflüge, Kunstflug mit Messerflügen, und sogar Torquerollen möglich sind! Mit extravaganten Konstruktionslösungen zeichnet sich die FunCub XL aus und setzt damit ganz neue Maßstäbe in ihrer Klasse. Einen beachtlich hochfester Rumpf durch „M-Frame Technologie“, stabile und leichte Carbon-Rohre (CFK) in den Tragflächen, Offset-Landeklappen und ein sehr einfaches und schnelles Aufrüsten des Modells - Dank Verstrebung mit Schnellverschlüssen.


    • Bausatz mit hohem Vorfertigungsgrad
    • vorgeschnittener Dekorbogen
    • unglaublich großer Fun-Faktor durch viele Zusatzfunktionen
    • äußerst präzises und erwachsenes Flugverhalten
    • Offset-Landeklappen für steile Abstiege und kurze Starts
    • Offroad-Eigenschaften durch riesige, weiche Räder
    • Hochfester Rumpf durch „M-Frame Technologie“
    • Starke und leichte Carbon-Rohe (CFK) in den Tragflächen
    • Geringe Mindestgeschwindigkeit
    • Zum Schleppen von Seglern (z.B. in HERON-Größe) geeignet
    • Geteilte Flächen, dadurch transportfreundlich
    • Kraftvoller Antriebssatz (# 33 2610) lieferbar

    Sofort und kostenlos testen!
    Hier testen Sie die MULTIPLEX-ELAPOR Modelle immer als erster im kostenlosen RC-Flugsimulator: MULTIFlight
    gleich downloaden …

    ELAPOR®-Modell 95% fertig gebaut, inklusive Antriebsmotor Permax BL-O 4235-0480,
    Regler MULTIcont BL-60 SD, Luftschraube 15x8", 6 Servos Hitec HS-225BB, aufgebrachtem
    Dekor und ausführlicher Anleitung.

    € 385,60
  • FMS VooDoo

    RocHobby is pleased to announce the highly anticipated Strega P-51 Sport Racing airplane. Brought to you by a company known for quality and innovation, the RocHobby 1100mm Strega Racer is built from the ground up for performance. Clean lines, exceptional detail and simple assembly make this model a top choice among intermediate and advance sport flyers. Similar to other RocHobby models the Strega Racer comes with a multitude of high-quality, scale features including split-flaps, electronic retractable landing gear, detailed cockpit, and authentic graphics. Own a part of Reno Racing history with this high performance scale radio control model.

    Voodoo is a 1944 P-51 Mustang, hightly modified for the Unlimited air races and he won the Gold Race in 2013 and 2014, with a speed over 787 km/h in the final race.

    Belangrijke eigenschappen
    Modular motor board allows use of both standard and high speed motor configurations
    Powerful Brushless 3648-KV780 motor combined with heavy-duty 70A ESC.
    Can be tuned to reach speeds in excess of 100 mph (160 km/hr)
    Super scale appearance including hand painted pilot, detailed cockpit, authentic graphics, four bladed prop, wing stabilizers, and air scoop.
    Simple construction with minimal glue required for assembly
    Rugged electronic retractable landing gear with metal trunnions
    Durable EPO foam with reinforced one-piece wing
    Wingspan : 700 mm
    Lenght : 973mm
    Weight : 1.270 g
    Motor : Brushless 3648-KV770
    ESC : 70A with BEC 5A
    Prop : 10x8 - 4 blades
    Recommended battery : Li-Po 14.8V 2200mAh 25C

    € 244,95
  • Glider 1280mm : easy Trainer PNP kit

    Maybe you're a new modeler looking for an easy-to-fly plane...or a more experienced pilot who wants that plus the maneuverability of an aileron-equipped model.

    FMS have created this wonderfully exciting trainer glider in impact absorbing and resilient EPO foam. The mould quality is sublime adding to the efficiency and great looks.

    Positive and negative loops, stall turns, point rolls and inverted flight are all easily performed with this model and it will also perform excellently simply hunting for thermals or slope flying, making it suitable for a wide range of pilots.

    Wingspan 1,280mm/50.4in
    Overall Length 910mm/35.8in
    Flying Weight Around 660g
    Motor Size Brushless 3128-KV2650
    ESC 20A
    Servo 9g Servo x 4
    Radio 4 Channel
    CG (center of gravity) 70mm (From Leading Edge)
    Prop Size 5*3
    Recommended Battery Li-Po 7.4V 1300 mAh 15C
    Aileron Yes
    Elevator Yes
    Rudder Yes
    Flaps No
    Retracts No
    Approx. Flying Duration 8 minutes
    Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
    Experience Level Beginner
    Recommended Environment Outdoor
    Assembly Time 30 minutes
    Is Assembly Required Yes
    Material Durable EPO
    Package Options PNP
    Wat nodig is om aan te vervolledigen
    4 channel radio system
    2S 1300 mAh Lipo Battery

    € 119,95
  • ALLEGRO 1500mm compleet set

    Span: 1500mm

    Length: 940mm

    Weight: 1270gr

    Wing area: 35dm2

    Fuselage: Epo

    Wing: Epo

    Servo's: 4

    Motor: 3540

    ESC: 30A

    Battery: 3s/1800mAh

    Prop: 11 x 7E

    All parts in stock

    Transmitter and receiver included

    € 120,00 € 295,95
  • Viper Jet V3 Green

    TD-01B Viper Jet Green Color

    Wingspan: 1450mm/ 57 in

    Lenght: 1274mm / 50.2 in

    Ducted Fan Unit: 90mm / 11 blades

    Motor: BL3541 Ducted Fan Motor, 1450 KV

    ESC: 80-Amp BEC Brushless ESC (HobbyWing)

    Servos: 11pcs 9g Digital & Metal Gear( CYS)

    Battery type: 5000mAh 22.2V 6-cell 30C Li-Po

    Landing Gear: Retractable Metal landing gear

    Flying Weight: 3050g/ 107.6 oz

    Radio system: 6CH

    € 439,00
  • TAFT HOBBY Viper Jet V3

    New all aluminum servoless digital electric retract units

    Aluminum spring loaded struts with new steel inner struts

    New ballbearing supported plastic wheel hubs

    Sequencing gear doors

    New rubber tires

    New gear control module

    € 439,00
  • SWIFT 100 +MPH

    Main specifications

    1. Wingspan: 1200MM
    2. Length: 1016MM
    3. Flying Weight: 950g
    4. Flying time: ≥5 minutes

    € 199,95
  • FPV Sky Cruise 2400

    The Sky Cruise 2400 is a glider at heart, with a very low wing loading and easy effortless flying, but fitted with a powerful brushless motor and configured with a pusher prop getting her airborne and cruising around is easy, hunting out those thermals is a pleasure.

    € 195,00
  • 1.2M GeeBee R3R PNP Version

    - Precision Scale And High Performance Aircraft.

    - Stable Fly And Easy To Control.

    - Perfect Axial Roll, Inside Loop, Outside Loop , Inverted Flight , Side Flying & Other Aerobatic Actions.

    - With Upper & Lower Spring Steel Wire On The Main Wing And Fuselage, Easy        to Assemble & Disassemble.

    - Power Thrust And Weight Ratio Is 1:1.

    € 149,95 € 195,00
  • Champ RTF, 515mm

    Key Features

    • Everything you need to teach yourself to fly in one box—even the batteries
    • Completely assembled and flight-ready
    • 2.4GHz transmitter with Spektrum™ DSM® technology
    • Scale wing rib detail and steerable tail wheel
    • 1S 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po battery and USB Li-Po charger included
    • Detailed instruction manual with flying tips included

    Needed To Complete

    Nothing! Everything is included in the box.

    € 79,95 € 89,99
  • P-47 Razorback 1.2m BNF Basic with AS3X®

    Key Features

    • Fast, easy assembly
    • Functional flaps and electric retracts
    • Spektrum AS3X® receiver with optional SAFE® Select technology
    • Molded panel lines, machine gun details, engine details and more
    • Realistic 510th Sq, 405th Fighter Group trim scheme
    • Includes snap-on bombs, rocket pods and drop tank
    • Durable Z-Foam® airframe
    • Factory-installed brushless motor, ESC and servos

    Needed To Complete

    • Full-range 6+ channel DSMX®/DSM2® transmitter with adjustable dual rates
    • 11.1V 3S 2200-3000mah 30C Li-Po battery and balancing charger
    € 279,95 € 299,99