RC Wings
Planes with experience
  • cessna 310.

    een nog niet afgebouwde cessna 310.

    2 DLE motoren 30cc nog nooit gelopen.

    span 3200 mm

    lengte 2165 mm

    Robart retracks beter dan de orginele.

    voor meer

    € 1.250,00
  • Extra 260

    Extra 260 compleet met motor en servo,s

    Gebruikt in goede staat.

    Carf models

    50cc da motor.

    inruil mogenlijk.

    € 849,00
  • Extra 260

    Spanwijdte 2600

    Vliegtuig word geleverd zonder motor,is eventueel wel met motor leverbaar tegen meerprijs!

    motor 120cc

    materiaal volcomposiet

    inruil mogenlijk.

    Inclusief dempers

    € 949,00
  • Super Cub 25e ARF

    For over half a century, Piper’s Super Cub has been a favorite of general aviation pilots who spend most of their time off the beaten path. Its respectable power, excellent short field performance and rugged design have made it perfect for back country transportation, towing gliders or simply getting away from it all. The E-flite Platinum Series Super Cub 25e expertly captures the look and feel of this aviation classic with an accurate scale outline unlike anything ever seen in its power class.

    € 499,95
  • Lockheed C 130 Hercules

    Lockheed Hercules C 130 Wingspan 2500 mm

    Almost ready to fly

    Note this Airplane is a Occassion

    € 595,95
  • Valiant 30cc ARF

    Giant-scale versatility with an executive look
    Outstanding performance with a wide speed envelope
    Top quality balsa and plywood construction that’s strong and light
    Genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® film covering
    Functional flaps that significantly expand the flight envelope
    Two-piece, plug-in cantilever wing
    Removable horizontal and vertical tail surfaces
    Finished fiberglass cowl and wheel pants in matching colors
    Painted aluminum landing gear
    Tinted windows and windshield
    Pre-drilled or pre-slotted control surface hinge locations
    Ready to mount the Evolution® 33GX gas engine
    Electric motor mount kit (sold separately) makes conversion easy
    Complete high-grade hardware package included
    Optional float kit and tundra-style landing gear (available)

    € 749,95
  • P-51D Mustang 60cc ARF

    Key Features

    True scale outline with accurate details
    3-piece, plug-in wing design with center-section landing gear support
    Two-piece, plug-in horizontal stabilizers
    Working inner gear doors, outer gear doors and tailwheel doors
    Easily accepts E-flite® P-51 giant-scale electric main and tail wheel retracts—sold separately
    Fiberglass chin cowl and scale exhaust detail
    Painted full-depth cockpit with sliding canopy
    Includes 2 sets of decals (Glamorous Glen III and Gentleman Jim)
    Includes wing pylons that accept the optional E-flite remote payload release system
    Complete high-quality hardware package featuring fiberglass control horns
    Optional bombs and drop tanks—sold separately
    Available 5-1/4" P-51 wheels with CNC aluminum hubs—sold separately
    Scale flaps for an authentic appearance

    € 1.499,95
  • Christen Eagle II 90 ARF

    package included



    4x A6060 Servo,s

    Eflite power 90

    Castle creations 75 AMP

    2X 4S 5200 LIPO,S New

    CHARGER AC/DC Multi Charger

    Key Features

    Lightweight balsa/plywood construction
    Impressive scale outline
    Multi-color Eagle UltraCote® trim scheme
    Painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
    Designed for glow or electric power
    Large, easy-access top hatch
    Cockpit details and pilot figure included
    All hardware included
    Wing transport frames included



    € 499,95
  • PIPER CUP 2200 MM

    Piper Cup J3 Inclusief 20 cc Saito 4 Takt motor en Futaba Servo,s!

    € 495,95

    Robbe Jodel vliegklaar inclusief 10 cc motor en futaba servo,s.

    € 499,95

    Tucano vliegklaar met e motor futaba servo,s en retrackts!

    Spanwijdte 1950 mm

    € 598,95

    Canadair CL-215 water vliegtuig

    Vliegklaar met 2 x os 15 CC 4 Takt motoren en servos!

    exclusief Zender ontvanger en accu!

    € 995,95

    • Span:           2800mm
    • Lenght:        1680mm
    • Motor:          E-Flite Power 160 electric
    • Servos:         Spectrum
    • Lipo:             2 x 5s 5000Ah or 2 x 6s 5000Ah ( not incl.)
    • Construction: Wood
    • Functions:      Airlon, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps, Engine
    • Transmitter:   Min. 6 channels ( not incl.)
    • ESC:              Castle 120Ah
    € 925,95 € 1.600,00

    • The plane is new, it never flights
    • Span:           2400mm
    • Length:         excl. spinner approx. 1540 mm
    • Wing area approx. 76 dm²
    • Tailplane area approx. 15 dm²
    • Total surface area approx. 91 dm²
    • All-up weight according to fittings approx. 9600 g
    • Longitudinal dihedral 0 - 0.5 degrees
    • Centre of Gravity approx. 160 - 170 mm aft of the leading edge
    • Motor:          Graupner Compact 630
    • lipo:              2 x 5s 5000Ah ( not incl.)
    • ESC:             Castle 100Ah
    • Construction: Wood
    • Servos:         Savox
    • Trandmitter:  Min. 6 channels ( not incl.)
    € 759,95 € 1.225,95

    • Span:              1030mm
    • Lenght:           1250mm
    • Motor:             E-Flite Delta-V 32
    • Servos:            Spectrum mini
    • Lipo:                6s 5000Ah  ( not incl.)
    • Construction:    Wood
    • Functions:        Airlon, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps, Engine
    • Transmitter:     Min. 6 channels ( not incl.)
    • ESC:                E-Flite 80 Ah Brushless
    • Retracts:          Yes
    € 649,95 € 1.300,00
  • HANGAR 9 ASW 20

    Geen omschrijving beschikbaar

    € 1.149,95 € 1.900,00

    • This plane is used
    • Span:               2700mm
    • Lenght:            1700mm
    • Motor:              Evolution 33cc gas
    • Servos:             Spectrum
    • Lipo:                Nihim 2 x 5s ( not incl.)
    • Construction:    Wood
    • Functions:        Airlon, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps, Engine
    • Transmitter:     Min. 6 channels ( not incl.)
    € 1.195,95