RC Wings
Planes wood
  • Phoenix Tiger Moth - 30ccm - 227 cm

    The tiger moth is an absolute scale. The model is prototypical designed down to the smallest detail and to distinguish in the air almost indistinguishable from the original. The tiger moth impresses with its scale sprung landing gear and cockpit including pilots, valves. The model is designed for operation with a 30ccm petrol engine or a 63 mm brushless motor provided the included accessories is included for both drive variants. Removing the battery can be realized quickly thanks to the completely removable canopy. The two-part wing allows a simple and comfortable transport. The model is made out and covered with Oracover film up to 95%, all small parts that are needed for the construction are included.

    € 719,00

    Item code: BH133

    – Wingspan: 1.400 mm (55.1 in).
    – Length: 1.350 mm (53.15 in).
    – Flying weight: 3.7 kg (8.14 lbs).
    – Wing area: 34dm2.
    – Wing loading: 107g/dm2.
    – Wing type: Naca airfoils.
    – Gear type: Electric retract gear, size: (73.5 x 44 x 28)mm (not included).
       CNC suspension metal struts (included).

    Parts listing required (not included):
    – Radio: 08 channels.
    – Servo: 08 standard high torque servos, size: (29 x 13 x 30)mm.
    – EDF: 90mm
    – Battery: 8S LIPO 29,6V.
    – Speed control: 100A.

    Recommended EDF and Battery set up (not included):
    – EDF: 90mm, Minimum thrust 3.7kg. Midi-fan evo/ HET 650-68-1500 WeMoTec.
    – Lipo cell: 8 cells / 5000mAh 55C.
    – ESC: 100A Phoenix Castle.
    – Receiver battery: 6V / 1200-2000mAh.

    € 469,95
  • Super Dimona 2400 Set Voordeel

    Super Dimona 2400 inclusief

    Spitz 30 Combo

    2x JX Servo PDI-6209MG

    2x JX Servo PDI-1109MG

    Spinner en Prop 10x5

    € 299,00 € 362,00
  • BMI 555 Set voordeel

    Complete set Inclusief

    Spitz 20 Combo

    4x JX Servo PDI-6209HB

    2x  JX Servo PDI-1109MG

    Spinner en Prop

    € 199,00 € 268,95
  • Muscle Coupe 72" Blue Yellow scheme Extreme Flight

    72" Muscle Coupe Extreme Flight

    Enter the Golden Age of aviation with the Legacy Aviation Muscle Coupe, where "stick and rudder" flying is the order of the day. Loosely based on one of the vintage classics from the Golden Era, the Muscle Coupe is a sport-scale aircraft with style, class and the elegance of a bygone era.

    The Muscle Coupe features a balsa and ply structure with a detailed fiberglass cowl and wheel pants and your choice of two beautiful Ultracote finishes. Featuring a two-piece wing mounted on a carbon wing tube that is easily removed for transport. It was designed around our powerful and reliable Torque 4016T/500 motor and Airboss Elite 80 Amp ESC. The Muscle Coupe is highly pre-fabricated and is easily assembled in a couple evenings.

    Make no mistake, the Muscle Coupe is NOT a 3D aerobatic model in any way, shape or form, nor was it ever intended as such. It was conceived and designed to be a visually appealing sport-scale aircraft with gentle flight characteristics, capable of basic barnstormer style aerobatics and low and slow flaps-down cruising. The Muscle Coupe was purpose built for scale buffs and sport flyers alike and is a joy to fly!


    € 409,99
  • MXS-R 50 CC

    MXS-R 50 CC

    Spanwijdte 2250MM

    Voor meer info kom langs in onze winkel of bel of mail ons!

    € 399,95 € 600,00
  • Beast


    Spamwijdte 1700 mm

    Geschikt voor motoren 50 tot 60 CC

    Voor meer info kom langs in de winkel of bel of mail ons!

    € 399,95 € 600,00
  • Phoenix Trainer Domino - 158 cm

    Phoenix coach Domino - 158 cm The entry-level model by Phoenix in the classic coach style. The Domino is best suited as a beginner & fun model. Domino meets all requirements of a modern coach, low weight, robust, a high-wing monoplane and has a three-leg landing gear. The model is intended for the electric and verb Renner drive. Due to the high degree of prefabrication, the model is finished in a very short time and no glue is required. The Domino is constructed of wood and finish colored covered. All small parts for the linkages and engine installation are already included.

    Lightweight and high-strength, laser-cut Holzkonstruktionzweiteilige wing Prefabrication of 95% Electrical or verb Renner operation possible

    € 129,00
  • 64" MXS ARF kit Heavy Metal Extreme Flight

    Extreme Flight 60" Yak 54-EXP

    It's no secret that Extreme Flight makes one of the best Yak-54 airframes on the market. With over a decade of experience with this airframe, countless contest wins and thousands of satisfied customers, the Yak-54 has been our "bread and butter" airframe. We know what it takes to make this model PERFORM! It only makes sense that we would produce this airframe in our most popular size and configuration, the 60 inch EXP series.

    Introducing the Extreme Flight RC 60 inch Yak-54EXP! Designed around the ultra-powerful and reliable Torque 4016T/500 and Airboss Elite 80 Amp ESC, this package delivers all the performance that Extreme Flight Yaks are famous for in an economical and easy to transport design.
    The Yak excels at all things aerobatic! Low and slow 3D, high speed XA, award winning precision ability and crazy gyroscopic flips and tumbles, the Yak-54EXP can handle whatever you throw at it.

    Wearing the designation EXP, the 60 inch Yak-54 has all the unique features that are the hallmark of this series:
    Carbon fiber wing tube, landing gear, tailwheel assembly and fuselage longerons, G10 reinforced landing gear mount, interlocking laser cut construction, HUGE control surfaces with insane amounts of available travel, 2 high visibility Ultracote color schemes, decal set, hardware package and wing bags. Highly prefabricated, the Yak-54EXP can be ready for flight in a few short hours of easy assembly. If you've never owned an Extreme Flight Yak, you owe it to yourself to give one a try and this 60 inch EXP version is a great place to start!

    € 374,95
  • Super Dimona 2400

    Super Dimona 2400

    Kit only

    Span 2400 mm

    Length 1090 mm

    Motor Spitz 30 not inkl

    Covering Oracover


    € 199,00
  • BMI 555 +

    BMI 555 +

    Electro glider

    Span 2000 mm

    length 1090 mm

    motor spits 20 not incl

    Film Oracover


    € 139,95
  • GeeBee Y Roadster

    GeeBee Y Roadster

    Kit only

    Span 2480 mm

    Lengt 1770 mm

    Motor 120cc

    Oratex cover

    Engine 60-120cc not incl

    Spray job is poseble mail for the price 



    € 645,00
  • Waco YKS-6

    Waco YKS-6 Custom Cabin

    Compleet kit

    Span: 2540 cm

    Lengt: 1880 cm

    Engine: not inkl 60cc/80cc

    material: wood with Oratex. No paint.

    € 845,00
  • 1/5 Scale Cessna 182 Skylane


    - Scale 1/5

    - Wing span 2.10 Meter, 6 feet 11 inches

    - Wing area 5,200, (806

    - Length 1.64 Meter, 5 feet 5 inches

    - Weight range 6.5-7.5 kg, 17.4-20.1 lbs.

    - Engine 1.20 4 stroke or 20 cc gasoline

    - Radio 5 ch minimum, 8 servos required.

    € 1.400,00
  • Phoenix Vulcano - 55cc - 256 cm

    Technical data: properties Vulcano

    wingspan: 2.567 mm

    length: 2.190 mm

    weight: 12.000-13.000 g

    Drive recommendation of Vulcano

    brushless motor: D-power AL 80-02 brushless

    motor set: AL80 02 D-power D-power SET BL motor & regulator 150A

    battery: 2 pieces D-power HD-5000 / 6 S 22,2V Lipo

    Nitro engine: 2 stroke: EME 55-55 cc gasoline engine

    € 799,95
  • Phoenix Outrageous - 155 cm

    Technical data: outrageous properties

    span: 1,550 mm

    length: 1.291 mm

    weight: 2.800-3.000 g

    Drive recommendation of outrageous

    brushless motor: D-power AL42-06

    brushless motor set: D-power D-power SET BL motor AL42-06 & controller 60A

    battery: D-power HD-5000 / 6 S 22,2V Lipo

    Nitro engine: 2 stroke: OS MAX 55 AX - 8.93 ccm / 4 stroke: SAITO FA 56 9.1 ccm - with silencer


    € 239,95
  • Phoenix SEA HAWK - EDF 120 - 160 cm

    Technical data: properties of Sea Hawk EDF 120

    wingspan: 1,600 mm

    length: 1700 mm

    weight: 7.000-7.800 g

    Drive recommendation Sea Hawk EDF 120

    brushless motor: MIDI fan Evo impeller / HET 650-68-1130 battery: 2 PCs D-power HD-5000 / 5 S 18,5V Lipo


    € 599,95
  • Phoenix Super Squadron 20cc - 185 cm


    Technical data: properties Super Squadron

    wing span: 1.850 mm

    length: 1.526 mm

    weight: 6.600-7.200 g

    Drive recommendation of Super Squadron

    brushless motor: D-power AL50-04

    brushless motor set: D-power D-power SET BL motor AL50-04 & controller 80A

    battery: D-power HD-5000 / 6 S 22,2V Lipo,

    combustion-engine: DLE 20 power 3D - 20ccm petrol engine


    € 629,95
  • Phoenix Turbo Beaver - 190 cm

    Technical data: properties Turbo Beaver

    span: 1.900 mm

    length: 1.428 mm

    weight: 4.600-5.000 g

    Drive recommendation Turbo Beaver

    brushless motor: D-power AL50-04 brushless

    motor set: D-power D-power SET BL motor AL50-04 & controller 80A

    battery: D-power HD-5000 / 6 S 22,2V Lipo

    Nitro engine: 4 stroke: SAITO FA 91 S 15ccm - with silencer

    € 339,95
  • Phoenix Spacewalker II - 160 cm

    Technical data: properties Spacewalker II

    wingspan: 1.600 mm

    length: 1.165 mm

    weight: 3.000-3.200 g

    Drive recommendation Spacewalker II brushless

    motor: D-power AL 42-06 brushless motor set: D-power D-power SET BL motor AL42-06 & controller 60A

    battery: D-power HD-5000 / 6 S 22,2V Lipo

    Nitro engine: 2 stroke: OS MAX 55 AX - 8.93 ccm / 4 stroke: SAITO FA 56 9.1 CC - with silencer

    € 239,95